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The goal of the Nova Scotia Firefighters Line of Duty Deaths website is to help prevent future firefighter deaths and injuries by giving firefighters information about how their predecessors died, and the circumstances involved in their deaths. Education, safety, good health and a clear understanding of past problems are the keys to keeping firefighters alive and safe in this most dangerous profession.

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Dave has put a lot of work and effort into this project, and he's still adding to it on a regular basis. We would ask that instead of to just copy the information and claim it as yours, you mention us and preferrably put a link to our site. Alternatively, you can look at our sources and do your own research.

What Constitutes an on duty fatality?

The best Canadian definition of a line of duty death is probably the one set fourth by the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation. It provides a good description as to what a firefighter is and what circumstances would constitute a line of duty death.

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Historical Facts

A the time of the explosion of 1917, the Halifax Fire Department was made of 8 Fire Stations 122 members (36 of whom were fully employed), and 13 apparatus, one of which was motorized. it was an American Lafrance built Patricia, the first motorized pumping engine in Canada.

Deadly Sins of Firefighting